Lily Garcia

Personal Growth

Each talk or workshop can be adapted to the specific needs of any company or team both in content and time (from one hour fifteen minute talks to four hour seminars).

The secrets of happy people

  • Identifying qualities of people that define themselves as happy and inspire others in spite of having had to overcome painful and difficult situations
  • Recognizing our individual happiness level and how to improve it

The Wonder Woman Syndrome

  • Define how different types of codependency limits the quality of life
  • Learning how to establish healthy limits in our relationships
  • Recognizing unhealthy communication patterns
  • Recognizing how fear and guilt limit our personal growth

Beauty inside out

  • Observing humorously how women see themselves vs. how others see them
  • Defining the concept of “true ageless beauty”
  • Learning to recognize and develop our physical and emotional strengths

May death find me alive

  • Work with the 4 Tasks for Life and Death (how to build a life with purpose)
  • Defining death as a normal stage in the process of life and recognizing our fears
  • Learning how to talk about death and make difficult family and personal decisions

Move the wheels of your life (based on Lily García’s book with the same title)

  • Learn the basics of the body’s energy channels and centers (chakras)
  • Understand the relationship between each of the 7 Chakras and our physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Learning breathing and relaxations techniques to help balance the energy of each of the chakras

Forgive even if you don’t forget: transforming anger into strength

  • Defining what forgiveness is and what it’s not
  • Discovering obstacles in our emotional healing processes
  • Learning different techniques for helping us to achieve forgiveness

Let me try to understand (the art of healthy communication)

  • Defining the three main communication styles: passive, aggressive and assertive
  • Recognizing our own communications styles and how to transform them
  • Learning to use emotions as a healthy communication tool