Lo que nos dejó María

Seven universal tools for the transformation in hurricane times

The scourge of Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017 transformed the lives of millions of Puerto Ricans...

Los Secretos de las Personas Felices

Los secretos de las
personas felices

Lily provides you with thirty tools to achieve a successful life. Some topics: How to think positive, how to handle emotional pain, how to adapt to change, among many others.

Liberate del sufrimiento

Libérate del Sufrimiento:
El coaching desde la perspectiva budista

What would you think if someone told you that it is possible to be happy despite the difficult or confusing moments you may be experiencing right now?

CD: Respira y Sana

Respira y sana

Includes meditations for forgiveness, relaxation, healing, to establish good intention before beginning any group meeting; and how to use traffic to do a spiritual exercise.