Lily Garcia

Life Coaching

Lily García/Alas Coaching
CEC (Certified empowerment coach/Coach de empoderamiento personal certificada)

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the confidence in the world to pursue their dreams and you don’t?

Have you ever wondered why the words happiness, content and success don’t seem to find their way into your life?

Always remember that life is made of cycles in which sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.
  • Do you often wonder what you really want from life?
  • Do you often wonder what you’d really like to do with your life?
  • Do you ask yourself who you really want to be?

If these questions seem familiar to you, it may be time for you to consider having you own life coach


Coaching is a process through which a “coach” and a client join in a relationship that will allow clients to recognize and overcome the obstacles that have not allowed them to create more satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives. How can an empowerment coach help you?

Assisting you in developing tools to help you face and manage change in life

  • Assisting you in defining your limiting thoughts
  • Assisting you in defining that which you want in life
  • Helping you develop the confidence you need to made decisions you’ve been postponing for too long
  • Helping you develop wings that will allow you to fly in total freedom and satisfaction, making the most of your talents and abilities

The coach and the client work together during a period of a minimum of three months. During this time the coach will help the clients find their life purpose and the passion to pursue it. This will be achieved by defining a goal at a time, small steps that will eventually help take the clients to extraordinary breakthroughs.

Coaching may be practiced personally or over the phone usually in half an hour sessions once a week. An initial hour long session usually begins the process. Phone sessions prove to be as effective as personal encounters and allow for people to receive coaching in the comfort of their own homes or offices. It is also an opportunity for people to receive coaching even when they don’t have a coach close to their area.

It is important to understand that coaching depends on the coach/client relationship, since the strength of the process lies precisely in the power of this relationship. This means that a coach will never tell their clients what to do, and instead will work with them to define the road they want to take in life. Either the coach or the client can choose to end the relationship if they agree that the goals of the process are not being met.

Coaching rates vary according to the specifics of each case, but honoraries are always requested in advance. This is done to help the client understand the commitment that is required of the process.

Coaching does not, in any way, substitute therapy or counseling. It is a technique for personal empowerment which deals with removing obstacles from the present in order to allow the client to advance to their future. The coaching process does not dwell on resolving events from the past. It focuses, instead, on transforming the present so the clients realize they are the only ones with the power to transform their lives.