Lily Garcia

Corporate and business topics

Each talk or workshop can be adapted to the specific needs of any company or team both in content and time (from one hour fifteen minute talks to four hour seminars).

The secrets of happy professionals

Based on her book “The secrets of happy people”.

  • Identifying qualities that employees can develop to create a more balanced work environment
  • Identifying obstacles in the process of finding more satisfaction in their personal and professional lives
  • Developing stress management tools

Tools for excelence in service

  • Basic effective communication techniques
  • Tools for handling difficult people
  • Learning to identify strengths and weaknesses when dealing with critical situations

Awake at work

  • Defining the concept of “mindfulness”
  • Learning visualization and meditation techniques that help develop “mindfulness” in our personal and professional lives
  • Learning to recognize the relationship between lack of “mindfulness” and stress
  • Learning how to use “mindfulness” when dealing with difficult people and situations

No need for backstabbing

  • Defining how to be assertive while also practicing compassion, dignity and respect
  • Defining characteristics of leaders with prosperity consciousness

You are what you think (Discovering the "chupacabras" in your life)

  • Discovering how your works, thougths and actions co-create your reality
  • Recognizing emotions that drain our vital energy and becomes obstacles for successful team work
  • Learning to activate the Law of Attraction
  • We practice an energy measuring exercise to illustrate the power of thoughts and attitudes

Compassionate health (Designed for health care professionals)

  • Recognizing the sources of burnout and developing stress management tools
  • Learning tools for management of the constant change which is prevalent in health service organizations
  • Learning to identify the patients’needs
  • Developing efficient listening techniques
  • Basic grief and loss managing techniques

The teacher as a coach

  • Learning healthy communication techniques
  • Learning basic empowerment coaching techniques for the classroom
  • Discovering the power of collaboration, validation and negotiation when dealing with students

The manager as coach

  • Basic empowerment coaching techniques for managers and supervisors
  • Communications tools that can help supervisors communicate with their teams